Frequently Asked Questions

As a primarily online business it's imperative that all my clients get the best possible service, after all handmade ceramics are designed to be tactile, handled and appreciated. This is always a little more difficult to achieve when viewing things online so I try to provide as much information and images so you can make an informed decision on your purchase. I've outlined some of the most frequently asked questions below..

Are your products food safe?

Food safety is our biggest priority when formulating our glazes, we ensure that all our glazes are formulated for the best possible durability for everyday use and ensure that all our products are lead and cadmium free, giving you piece of mind. We also advise that all our products (unless otherwise stated) are microwave and dishwasher safe.

How do Custom & Personalised Orders Work?

Personalisation can be added to your basket with most products, you'll find it as a separate product in each collection, take the 'mugs' collection for example, just add the personalisation product to your cart as well as the mug at checkout and we will make that mug from scratch for you, with your chosen name / phrase imprinted in the base. If you would like a completely bespoke piece (not just a name / phrase) then please contact us here for a bespoke quote.

How long to Custom & Personalised Orders Take?

Depending on the piece this usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks due to the item needing to be made from scratch & dried, glazed & fired. Your timescale will be confirmed once your purchase is complete. If pieces are needed for specific dates it's best to contact us prior at

What Can I put on a Custom & Personalised Order?

I use a standard typeset to imprint into the base of personalised pieces, small messages are able to be imprinted depending on the size of the piece. We recommend 16-25 characters with phrases such as 'happy anniversary', 'I love you' and 'Be Mine'.

Do you accept wholesale and bulk orders?

We do accept wholesale and bulk orders, there are a few requirements to qualify but please do get in touch, wholesale turnaround times are usually 2-4 months.

What if I haven't received my purchase?

Please get in touch if your item hasn't arrived as expected, we do everything we can to speed up the shipping process but some delays do sometimes occur, please refer to our shipping policy for more information.

I live in the US But would like to ship to a UK Address, is this possible?

Yes of course, send me a message with the address and we can adjust the UK shipping cost to you.

Why is USA Shipping so expensive?

Back in 2020 the US postal service enforced greater fees on international mail, this essentially added a 100% surcharge on all mail from the UK which has been reflected in the shipping prices, we hope that the US changes it's international shipping policy so we can make things more affordable.

The Colour is a different Shade?

All items are handmade and the exact same glazes can vary slightly from firing to firing, this is completely normal and is what makes handmade ceramics much more special. The type of screen type you are using to view products can also play a role in the perceived colour. Please contact us if you'd like specific videos or images of stock before placing an order.