Where it started and where it's going

Hi, I'm James and I run Hobbs Ceramics from my little studio in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

I've always had a love for tactile art, whether that be in school with glue and cardboard or in my teenage years where I first started to discover clay as a medium. There was something about the materiality of it that just spoke to me. Being able to take a raw material and craft something unique that can last for thousands of years was a fascinating thought and one that continues to this day, I take great pride over every piece I produce, ensuring detail and finish is as pristine as possible.

At university I really homed in my skillset, analysing the world around me to come up with ideals that directed my art. I have a secondary passion for astronomy and I've always aimed to bring the bright colours and vibrancy of distant nebula into my work. I originally focused on the Japanese raku technique to give my pieces these bright colours but now I focus on high temperature firings to deliver them instead.

In 2015 after my studies I moved back to Bicester and built a studio in my garden. I saved as much as possible which slowly enabled me to purchase my first wheel and kiln. At this point I began my pursuit of dinner and homeware, slowly teaching myself to throw as I went. There was something about the idea of someone else using my objects that really appealed to me and kept me on this path.

Over the next few years I built and continue to build Hobbs Ceramics as a brand. My client base continues to evolve internationally with clients now on every continent, covering retail & wholesale. From small cappuccino cups and oversized mugs to personalised and custom gifts, anything is possible! I simply cannot believe the support I've had from family, locals & friends it is truly humbling to be pursuing something I really enjoy.


BA (Hons) - Cardiff University 2011-2015

James Hobbs in his Oxfordshire pottery studio in Bicester

James Hobbs - Owner & Maker